First Night

June 25, 2016 § Leave a comment

Working today, called husband what’s the plan only to find out that he is moving my stuff without me there and definitely without my consent. I had told him to wait till I get off from my 8 hour shift. He said his dad is helping him even though I had told him that my family is helping. Way to ruin the plan and way to meddle with my things! I was very mad that I almost left my work. Good thing I talked myself into letting it all go and also good thing that my co-workers are very supportive and understanding. 
Called my mom and informed her the situation. Immediately after work I went to the apt and met my parents and brother here. We fixed Lukes room, the bedroom and other things. I am very greatful for that. Then I went to return the rug that’s causing asthma to my son, bought milk and other necessities for the night because…. Tonight, me, Ellie and Luke will sleep in our new place for the very first time!!! 
I went back to the apartment and was greeted by my kids. My soon to be ex-husband was there waiting for me. After he left, the kids ate some bedtime snacks, drank milk, changed into sleeping clothes and went to bed. My son immediately said, “I feel lonely by myself in my room”. Needless to say, I put them both in my bed, me in the middle. It took them about an hour to finally sleep. But they did sleep. 
I forgot that I have not eaten anything yet. Once the two kiddos finally decided to sleep, I sneaked out and grabbed the Lucban longganisa with rice. 
Tomorrow shall be interesting. I am anticipating lots of crying and lots of “papa, papa”. But I am also sure that we will make it through. God as our savior. 



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