Surviving Week 1

July 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

Week 1.


I survived this week living separated from my husband. I was expecting the worst to come but so far, since I have been busy at work, I did not even feel anything different except that – I miss my kids so much. I guess that is the only thing that matters to me living at Damascus, because the kids and I will always be in one roof. However, we have been face timing since we were (Thurs-Sat) apart and today, I will see them so all is fine.


I bought plants. They’re not expensive, 3 for $12 at Home Depot. When my friend said that she usually talk to her plants, now I get it. Those plants kept me company, plus the sweet basil is yummy and the spearmint is great for my filtered water.


Work as usual is great. At one point my manager mentioned that coming to work is actually a form of “coping mechanism” – for which I definitely agree. One good thing since I moved is that my commute has been lessened dramatically. Before my morning drive to work would be around 1.5 hours due to traffic at 270. I would have to leave before 6:10am to be on time at 7:30am. Now, my drive is less than 15mins, and that is driving through 355. It would be shorter if I used 270. Without the stress of traffic, I get to work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the mental issues of my patients/coworkers.


Today, Sunday. I will skip Church for right now. I still need to adjust and heal. I will buy a bible because the app in my phone is not that great and I miss reading old school style.  I also have to do grocery shopping for my kids and then unpack the other bags here and arrange accordingly. Perhaps visit my parents and eat lunch there to save me $$


Writing this, I am at the club room, checking things out, Plus – club room offers free wifi. I figured I should skip internet service at my place since it is free here from 8am-10pm. Saves me more $$.


Till next time..






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